5 Reasons why to ask your Website Development Company for a responsive Web Design

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5 Reasons why to ask your Website Development Company for a responsive Web Design

Have you noticed it that more & more people are being glued to smartphones and tablets? If yes, it is sure you will be aware of the fact that a normal site does not open easily on mobile devices. Therefore, it is an essential for you to make your website mobile friendly to reach to maximum customers. There are several other reasons behind having responsive web design and some of them are as follows:

  1. Google Recommendation

We all know Google is the leading search engine in today’s world. As a leading search engine, it monopolizes the search engine market. Therefore, it is a smart move to love what Google loves. Apart from recommending responsive Web Design, Google favors the mobile optimized sites for the searches conducted on mobile devices. In addition, having a single site is better than having separate sites for different devices. Designers have to listen to Google as it has more than 60% share in the search market.

  1. Website for many devices

The responsive web design offers seamless transition and easy navigation between multiple devices and different screen sizes. It gets easier to check for something on the mobile device and continue for the same on the desktop, without any difference in user experience.

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  1. Easy management

You know the maintenance gets easier when you get a responsive site designed and developed from your hired Website Development Company. It is, as you not need to run or have SEO campaigns, Google Adwords campaigns, and Google Analytics reports.

  1. High speed

As per Google Page Speed Developers, the content on the web page should load within two-three seconds. It is tricky for a desktop website to load and move fast. Sometime the content takes too much time in getting loaded on the web page. However, with responsive web design, the loading speed gets higher and ranges from 2-3 seconds.

  1. Money Saver

You know you save your hard-earned money when you ask your Website Development Company for a responsive web design. Through this, you escape yourself from having separate sites or applications for various devices like computer, tablet and smartphones with varied screen sizes. Your single site appears easily all across devices.

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