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Solutions To Free You From Data Demands And Restrictive Vendors

Aspiring Team provides a flexible approach to data management – extraction, mining, cleaning, moving, storing, protect, and recover data – without tying your business to specific hardware, network or interconnect protocols. Our solutions work together or separately, easily scaling to meet the exact requirements of your business today, and can grow with you incrementally.

Data Mining

  • discovering patterns in large data sets
  • involving methods of artificial intelligence
  • Creating statistics, and database systems

Data Extraction

  • Retrieving data from unstructured data sources
  • Transforming data to be loaded into the data warehouse
  • Enabling data to be visible on front end


  • Simple, efficient, non-disruptive data migration
  • Open architecture enables migration in heterogeneous environments
  • Scales easily to changing performance and capacity requirements


  • Move services, applications, or virtual machines quickly between floors, between storage platforms, or between servers the minute connectivity is interrupted
  • Eliminates downtime, ensuring critical data is available at all times


  • Automated recovery of files, systems, or entire data centers
  • Eliminates backup windows with no disruption to operations


  • Provides a single, centralized console, to adjust deduplication processes
  • Tames explosive data growth to lower storage requirements and costs


  • Supports nearly any IT structure and heterogeneous storage environments
  • Reduces costs and improve efficiency

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