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Our e-Commerce consulting professionals help you operate seamlessly across channels to create a greater than experience for customers.


  • Only 3% of the people who visit your site are going to buy your product. What’s happening with the other 97%?
  • They’re leaving, choosing not to buy, and going away.
  • And whether you’re an eCommerce or SaaS company, this rule of conversion applies: You can’t automatically turn an unwilling customer into an eager spender.
  • In fact, the 97% of visitors who don’t buy are at a different phase in the buying cycle. By understanding your customer buying cycle, you can at least know how your site can meet a customer’s need at every stage.
  • We’ll show you how you can optimize your site for every stage of the customer buying cycle to increase your website conversion.


  • Helping you deliver a seamless customer experience by integrating price, promotions, product assortment and inventory across channels
  • Helping you bring disparate platforms, applications and architectures under one, seamless technology umbrella
  • Helping you develop an end-to-end outsourcing strategy, and an implementation and delivery approach to transform their business operations
  • Helping you create a digital customer experience by turning data into actionable customer insights and focusing onbetter business outcomes
  • Helping you gain real-time business insights using technology to deliver a seamless shopping experience
  • Helping you build seamless supply chain operations through vendor collaboration, inventory planning, flexible fulfillment and merchandising


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