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We at Aspiring Team are there with you, when the point of decision is made to implement an ERP solution through the implementation and support phases of the life cycle as below.

  • Pre evaluation Screening
  • Evaluation Package
  • Project Planning
  • GAP analysis
  • Reengineering
  • Team training
  • Testing
  • Post implementation

Be ensured that our ERP Support & Implementation Services are executed with the support of experienced professionals within the stated time frame.

ERP Benefits

  • Facilitates informed decision making
  • Cost saving solutions through organized business processes
  • Integrates business processes facilitating better control
  • ERP improves the work flow and information flow in the organization
  • Introduces transparency in activities
  • Improves speed and efficiency in functions leading to improved customer
  • Service and customer satisfaction
  • Facilitates co-ordination of activities between different departments
  • Provides quality communication channels leverage
  • IT Infrastructure and information assets
  • Gives a competitive edge

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