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Have you got an awesome idea of a game which can become next Angry Birds, Subway Surfer or Candy Crush Saga? But don’t know how to get it developed, then you have come to the right place.

At Aspiring Team, we develop single or multi-player games of several different genres such as Action & Gun Games, Puzzle & Quiz Games, Educational Games, Biking & Racing Games, Role Playing Games, etc.

Our realm of Game Design & Development includes platforms like Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows and Blackberry mobiles.

Game Development process we follow

Requirement Gathering

  • Discussing the Game idea with you to evaluate the concept
  • Refining the idea to make it more lucrative for you
  • Creating final requirements document
  • Finalizing the milestones

Game Design

  • Choosing the right style of design for the game
  • Creating initial draft for the game design
  • Finalizing game design

Game Development

  • Creating all the game assets (game objects, background, animations)
  • Coding of the basic game mechanics
  • First draft delivery of the game which includes basic game play and arts
  • Working further on game based upon the feedback
  • Level Design and UI elements creation
  • Integration of all the elements

Final Delivery

  • QA and Testing
  • Final Game Submission
  • Submission of Game into Apple / Android / Windows store

Why to choose Us for Game Development?

Got an Idea of Mobile Game? What are you still waiting for? Contact us now and see the Idea live soon.

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